10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Traveler

why you should date a traveler

Ah, relationships. An impossible subject to avoid as finding a significant other is biologically in our nature and essential for our survival as a species.

The dating world these days is drastically different than it was only a few decades ago. We have greater accessibility in meeting new people, more variety on the kinds of partners we want, online dating sites to help us find a potential matches, women are more independent and getting married later, and the overall definition of what makes a healthy and equal partnership has changed (thank you, modernism).

Make It Your Own

Now that we have an abundance of choices and can be more selective, we have the opportunity to really find someone that encompasses all the traits we desire. More choices, however, doesn’t mean easy. The phrase “there are plenty of fish in the sea” is no joke – there are 96 million single adults in the United States alone.

why you should date a traveler

Ambergris Caye, Belize

I’m not a relationship expert and am probably biased, but dating a traveler has substantial benefits. I’m emphasizing “traveler” as someone that has a passion for seeing and learning about the world, not a “vacationer” (although there’s nothing wrong with the latter). Travelers are generally more well-rounded people and there’s no denying that experiencing other countries, cultures and traditions changes their perspective on life for the better.

Here are 10 reasons why you should date a traveler!

1. They’re Interesting, Intelligent and Cultured

Dating a traveler means you’ll never be bored and will always have something to talk about. Most travelers love sharing their experiences from abroad and are constantly looking for new ones. Chances are, they’ll try persuading you to join them on the next one. Wanderlust is contagious, so be prepared to become a traveler yourself if you develop a relationship with one!

Additionally, travelers are always picking up things they learn abroad, whether it be the history of the Roman Empire, how to appropriately greet new people in Japan, or the most efficient way to backpack through South America. They’re mini encyclopedias about the world and conversations with them are pretty awesome.

2. They Value Experience

Travelers tend to save more money for travel instead of material possessions, which takes discipline in itself. They love the good things in life as well, but travel takes a priority when it comes to what they spend their extra cash on. The experiences they have abroad prove to be more invaluable, as these memories last a lifetime and you can’t put a price on something like that.

chichen itza

Chichen Itza. Yucatan, Mexico

3. They Inspire You to Pursue Your Own Passions

Serious wanderlusters are undoubtedly passionate about travel, an excitement that can radiate into other aspects of your relationship. It’s more than just a hobby for them – it’s a lifestyle. This level of passion for something can be super inspiring for you to pursue your own interests, especially with the encouragement from your traveler significant other.

4. They’re Up for Anything and Are Spontaneous

A major part of travel is taking risks, going off course and trying new things. Travelers have learned that stepping outside their comfort zone can be incredibly rewarding and generate eye-opening experiences they otherwise never would have had. This makes them open for anything and gives you an opportunity to introduce them to the things you love.

5. They’re More Open-minded

Traveling puts you face to face with other cultures, contrasting ways of life, different political views, diverse social norms, and lets you see how life is lived in foreign places. It makes you realize how small your personal world really is. Travelers have developed a higher level of compassion for humanity, which makes them less judgmental. Most of them are repulsed by any kind of segregation.

delphi greece

Delphi, Greece

6. They’re Good With Finances and Logistics

There’s a lot of planning that goes into coordinating a trip. Flights, hotels, taxis, scheduling activities, checking Visa requirements, researching important societal norms and phrases to know in the local language, currency rates, learning the best hot spots for dinner, drinks or dancing… the list goes on.

Avid travelers know this stuff like the back of their hand and can probably be travel agents given their expertise in the industry. On top of this, they know how to budget. Travel can be affordable, but it isn’t always cheap and they know the ins and outs of how to make it work on any budget.

7. They’re Adaptable

Travelers know everything can’t be planned out all the time. Unexpected things happen during travel all the time and they’ve learned how to just roll with it and make the best out of any situation. This is an important quality to have in any partner because it makes them reliable, problem-solvers and sources of positivity when things unexpectedly don’t go your way.

8. They’re Fun, Exciting and Adventurous

To put it simply, people that travel are FUN! They thrive on experiences and can’t stand sitting still for too long. This means they’re perpetually looking for the next adventure – living life to the fullest. There’s never a dull moment when you’re dating a traveler!

travel blogs

Andes Mountains, Peru

9. They Know Who They Are

Travelers have developed a better understanding of who they are, over time, with the help of their travels. Seeing so much of the world has shown them what life can be like if they were unsatisfied with their own. People who travel know that if they don’t like an aspect about their lives, it’s up to them to change it. This makes them more independent and confident in their decisions.

Travel has a way of getting to your core and forcing you to confront your strengths and weaknesses, whatever they may be, and helping you work towards self-improvement. Dating a traveler means dating a happy, self-reliant and positive person!

10. They’re Appreciative

Travelers have learned not to take anything for granted. They appreciate the little things and notice the small details that make life beautiful. When you travel, all your senses are heightened as you soak in everything about the experience. Colors are more vibrant, you notice people you may have otherwise ignored, smells are sweeter, food tastes better, and seemingly insignificant things put you in a good mood.

You could have this same experience in your everyday life as well, but you’re less likely to notice these things because you’re busy rushing to work, distracted running errands, or upset about an argument you had with one of your friends that day. Travelers have a different appreciation for life and have learned how to see normal life in the eyes of a tourist, which makes everyday a gift.

why you should date a traveler

San Pedro, Belize

I’m definitely not suggesting people who don’t travel aren’t good partners. As I mentioned earlier, there are so many different kinds of people out there and everyone has their own preferences. We all march to the beat of our own drum.

I can only speak to my own experience and I know a lot of travelers. They’re truly amazing people, many of them working in creative ways to change the world for the better. What’s not to love about that?

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