Travelers are storytellers, with every story worth telling.

Gild Society was created for those with wanderlust, the inherently curious, and anyone that values cross-cultural connection to make this world a better place. There are several meanings to the word “gild,” the most common being “to cover with or as if with gold.” My definition comes from another phrase: to gild the lily. It means “to adorn unnecessarily something already beautiful.”

Yes, the world is already beautiful. Yet, it is an imperfect perfection. Connecting with cultures different from our own can help wear away the barriers that socially, politically and economically divide us. We will never live in a perfect world, but we can make it better. Traveling leads to an open mind, so why not inspire others to do the same?

With that, let’s gild the lily and make society even more beautiful.

About Josie

Hi Guys! My name is Josie and I’m a traveler, writer, photographer and adventurer with a curiosity for anything and everything. Introduced to travel at a very early age, I’ve been addicted ever since and have explored over 30 countries, documenting my stories along the way.

As a graduate student of psychology, I combine my travel experiences with social and cultural learnings to provide a well-rounded perspective on our experiences, connections and understanding of one another. You can collect photos and memories, but gaining a better understanding of our world is golden – hence, the more we travel, the more we “gild” society <3

I’ve met and collaborated with some incredible people on this journey – send me a note on my contact page to connect!

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