Awesome Gift Ideas For Travelers

Well, the holiday season has arrived and like every preceding year, I find myself struggling with new gift ideas for my friends and family. Gifts obviously aren’t the most important part of the holidays, but things are a little more fun when the receiver flips out because you nailed it. If you have an avid traveler to shop for, here are a few awesome, travel-inspired gift ideas.

Map Watch

You don’t see watches around as much these days, now that seemingly everyone relies on their cell phones for the time. Given that our phones tend to run out of battery quicker when we travel, a watch may not be a bad idea for holiday gift. Better yet, a travel-themed watch.

map watch

Urban Outfitters

map watch

Urban Outfitters

Passport Holder

Passports are issued (in the United States) for ten years at a time so if you travel frequently, that thing is going to go through a lot of wear and tear. A passport holder is a cute accessory that can help keep it from getting too worn.

passport holder


cute passport holder



For the travel photographer that needs that perfect shot. This one is lightweight, versatile, isn’t too expensive, and has great reviews.

camera tripod




Every traveler needs a solid journal to document their adventures (and who doesn’t love Paper Source?)!

gold journalPaper Source

leather journalPaper Source

Personalized Luggage Tags

This isn’t something you’d really think about as a gift, but personalized luggage tags are actually pretty cool. The luggage tag I was using (the standard one that came with my suitcase) started to fall apart and it was getting annoying having to fill out those paper ones at the airport all the time. I absolutely love these handmade leather tags you can find on Etsy.

cute luggage tags


Kindle Fire

I’m not really a tablet person, but I opted to try the Kindle Fire because I read a lot when I travel. Kindles were originally used for reading eBooks, but the new Kindle Fire can also be used for web/email, social media, gaming, and watching movies; pretty much everything a tablet can do but for much cheaper.

kindle fire gift


Tote Bags

These lightweight totes are perfect for a day at the beach, shopping in the city, or a picnic in the park when you need something bigger than a purse, but not as large as a backpack or suitcase.

travel tote bags

West Elm

Instant Camera

If you’re shopping for an experienced traveler, chances are they already have a really good camera (or it might be out of your budget). These Fuji Film instant cameras are a fun way to capture in-the-moment adventures with polaroid pictures.

instant camera

Urban Outfitters 

Camera Case

I am obsessed with this camera case. It’s not bulky and the camera is easily accessible – you don’t even need to take it out to snap a photo.

leather camera case

Artemis Leatherware

Noise Canceling Earbuds

Earbuds are a must for every traveler – we all have them. These noise canceling earbuds from Bose block out background sound, making your music clearer and the silence quieter so you can sleep more easily.

noise canceling earbuds


Travel Books

Travel books are always great gifts. Travelers are constantly looking for new destination ideas, travel tips, and overall inspiration.

travel books

Urban Outfitters

travel book

Urban Outfitters

best travel books

Urban Outfitters

Leather Camera Strap

Most factory camera straps are pretty uncomfortable. Leather camera straps are awesome, and seldom thought about, holiday gifts for a travel photographer.

leather camera strap

Tap And Dye (image via Vanity Fair)

Power Bank

As I mentioned earlier about cell phones running low on battery more quickly while traveling, portable chargers are super useful gifts. This high capacity EasyAcc power bank can recharge cell phones, tablets, Go Pros and DSLR Cameras when outlets aren’t accessible.

power bank giftAmazon

Pivothead Recording Sunglasses

A true way to record your experience hands free from your own point of view. These sunglasses from Pivothead have a video camera directly on them, making it ridiculously simple to film a sky dive, skiing down a mountain, or zip lining through the rainforest.

recording sunglasses


Compass Necklace

This adorable compass necklace actually works in case your traveler friend gets lost during their travels (provided they know how to navigate!). The coordinates on the back can be customized with your friend’s favorite location as well for an added personal touch 🙂

compass necklace


Josie Claire

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    Bryan Terzi

    I love this blog and I love JOSIE!!!!! Nice work!

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      Thanks Terz!!! Really appreciate it, you’re the best 🙂

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    I bought my husband some personalized leather luggage tags as my gift to him on our wedding day. Just need to plan our next adventure to use them. 🙂 Thank you for including my custom coordinates compass necklace on this awesome list!

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      Oh how funny! Yes, you’ll definitely need to plan a trip soon to take advantage of them 🙂

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    Steph Connell

    Love everything on this list! That compass necklace is the cutest thing.

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