Why You Should Travel During The Holidays

Traveling during the Christmas and New Years holidays may be one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year, but it can also be one of the best times to get away. Since the majority of people that celebrate Christmas will be spending it with their families, many vacation destinations offer great packages and discounts to encourage tourism around this time. If you’re thinking of booking a wintery escape, here are a few things to consider that may sway your decision 😉

You (most likely) Already Have The Time Off

Most companies give their employees a few days off for the holidays, so take advantage of the paid time off for a trip. It’s the perfect time to go on a longer trip because you’ll only need to use a few of your vacation days since you already have the holidays off. Business is usually slower around the holiday season as well (depending on your industry, of course), so you may not feel the need to incessantly check your emails while you’re gone.

Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Flights May Be More Expensive, But Hotels Will Be Cheaper

Obviously flights around the holidays skyrocket because people everywhere are traveling to visit their families. A little known secret, however, is that hotels can be much cheaper than normal. Europeans don’t travel as much around Christmas time (most of them get more vacation days than Americans do, but that’s another story), so traveling to Europe is a great option to save on accommodations.

Or If You Prefer Domestic Travel, Check Fares And Rates For “Business Cities”

Hotels in large, urban cities like New York and Chicago rely heavily on business travelers. When their usual customers are off during the holidays, you may be able to take advantage of the holiday slump and get great deals at high end hotels.

Christmas in Chicago

Chicago during Christmas

Some Destinations Will Be At Their Liveliest 

While much of the Northern Hemisphere is frozen with winter, the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying their summer. The Caribbean is a popular destination for Americans looking to escape the cold, so many places in this region are at their liveliest around Christmas and New Year’s.

If You Have To Spend The Holidays With Family, Consider The Travel “Dead Weeks”

The first two weeks of December and the week after New Year’s Day are known as travel “dead” weeks. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is typically pretty slow for the travel industry as people are prepping for the holidays and tying up loose ends at work – after New Year’s, most people are getting ready to get back to their normal routines. If you’re able to take the time off, these are great times to travel as flights and hotels can be significantly cheaper and crowds will be smaller.

holiday beach getaway

Feel Rejuvenated For The New Year

What better way to close out one year and welcome the next than being on a vacation? Taking some time away at the end of the year is the perfect time to relax, reflect and set your goals for the new year. Ending one year and starting the new one on a happy and positive note can only welcome good things for the year to come!

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